Identification of a decapitated lady found in the fields and her bloodstainin the boyfriend’s car


Jobim L.F.; Fernandes, L.; Brandelli, K.; Gamio, F.; Jobim M.R. In: Jobim, L.F. Identificação Humana. Porto Alegre : Sagra Luzzato, 1999. 392 p. (Tratado de Perícias Criminalistas.)


The police found a body, at the side of a road, in Livramento, Brasil. It was only the trunk, without the head and limbs. A young teacher was missing in the village and her parents were apprenhensives that she could be the dead person found. The police investigated the teacher’s ex boy-friend’s house and car. He is a butcher and a small bloodstain was found on the floor of the car, near the door edge. He said that the blood was from a pig he transported some days before. A car wash service told the police that the butcher, personally, washed his car and, at that time with large bloodstains from pig transportation.


The identification of the body and bloodstain could be done by DNA testing. We received blood samples from the parents, muscle tissue from the victim, and small spots of dried blood found in the car. The muscle DNA was extracted with Quiamp Tissue Kit (Qiagen Co.); the blood samples were extracted by salting out and the stain by phenol chloroform technique. The following STRs were done: DIS1656, D3S1545, D12S391, TH01, VWA31, CD4 and Amelogenin. The Perkin Elmer 2400 PCR thermocicler was used to amplified the DNA and the Alpha Express sequencer (Pharmacia) to identify the products alleles.


The results demonstrated that the body and the bloodstain belong to the teacher. The paternity index was 5282, the cumulative probability of paternity 99,98 %. The frequency of the DNA profile found in the victim and the bloodstain is 1:11.000.000.